Weekly Deli Menu

March 19~Monday Special:

Mandarin & Spinach Pasta Salad

With Chicken $5.00/Without Chicken $4.00

Bowtie pasta, craisens, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds and spinach tossed in a homemade teriyaki vinaigrette dressing, topped with sautéed chicken breast & served with a warm garlic breadstick

March 20~Tuesday Special:

Slow Roasted Beef with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Seasoned Corn $5.00

Roast beef seasoned and slowly roasted overnight, served with homemade garlic mashed potatoes, seasoned corn and freshly made beef gravy

Homemade Soup of the Week:

Cheesy Broccoli

Broccoli, carrots, Creole seasoning, cheddar cheese and sour cream all simmered together to make a delicious soup~Made fresh daily

Panini of the Week: Three Cheese

March 21~Wednesday Special:

Chicken Alfredo with Warm Garlic Breadstick $5.00 Without Chicken $4.00

Penne noodles tossed in a homemade creamy Alfredo sauce, topped with sautéed chicken breast, fresh parmesan cheese and served with a warm garlic breadstick

March 22~Thursday Special:

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Skewer with Rice & Vegetables $5.00

Five broiled garlic shrimp on a skewer served over a bed of rice and seasonal vegetables with a side of sweet Thai chili sauce and a wedge of fresh lemon

Homemade Pasta Salad:


Tri colored spiral noodles tossed together with salami, green & red peppers, olives, onions, mozzarella & parmesan cheese in a light Italian dressing

Smoothie of the Week:

Caribbean Cruise in a Cup

Daily Items Offered in the Deli:


Chicken club, chicken Caesar, spicy buffalo chicken,

turkey cranberry & The Deli

Small and Large Salads:

Chicken club, chicken Caesar, buffalo chicken

& turkey cranberry

Homemade Dressings:

French, Ranch, Bleu Cheese and Raspberry Vinaigrette  

**We also offer Caesar dressing

Fresh Fruit Smoothies: **flavors vary daily

Strawberry, lemonade, strawberry lemonade and

fresh blueberry


**Blueberries are from local Highland Valley Farm in Bayfield, WI


Hard boiled eggs

String cheese


Pickle roll ups

Deviled eggs

Plain, blueberry and cinnamon raisin bagels

Served with cream cheese

Tortilla chips

Served with a new recipe for our homemade salsa

Pretzel twists

Served with a homemade seasoned sour cream

Freshly Baked Homemade Treats

Chocolate chip cookies, lemon drop cookies, snickerdoodles, zucchini brownies, sweet potato cinnamon muffins, rice krispy bars, grizzly bars (homemade power bar)and many more!

**All baked goods are made with at least 50% whole wheat flour