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posted May 9, 2014, 9:49 AM by Web Denfeld
QR Code Generators

(search online for "QR Code Generator," and find others)

If you have a SmartPhone, you probably have an app like i-nigma, that allows you to zap a QR Code, thereby routing you online to a web page that will give you information.  You can easily create codes, like the one to the left that routes you to the Denfeld Media Center.  All you do is paste the URL (web address) into the generator, and then download the QR code.  It is given to you in a zipped file, so just unzip it to find the .jpg of the QR code.  Easy!

How can you use it in education?  Endless ways:
Check out this Pinterest on QR Codes in the classroom:
or this one aimed at high school: