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The Odyssey: the Journey and the Return of a Hero

The topics for this project include the following:
  • What are the qualities of a hero?
  • Can a hero have too much ego or arrogance?
  • How important are our homes?
  • What goes into a "Home"?
  • What does it mean to "Come Home"?
  • Why do military people often have a hard time returning home?
  • What are the concerns or problems related to coming home after serving in war?
  • If life is a journey, what is the importance of the journey?

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Web Links

Qualities of a Hero

Moral Heroes

Psychology Today: "Why We Need Heroes"

Santa Clara University: "Heroism: Why Heroes are Important"

Self Esteem vs. Arrogance

Orma, Dr. Steve: Arrogance is Not the Same as High Self-Esteem

Psychology Today: "The Key Difference Between Pride and Arrogance"

The Importance of Home

The Atlantic: "The Psychology of Home: Why Where You Live Means So Much"

PhychCentral: "The Emotional Meaning of Home"

PhychCentral: "Home and the Meaning of Place"

Smithsonian Magazine: The Definition of Home

Returning Soldiers "Returning to Homelife after Deployment"

New York Times: "After Combat, the Unexpected Perils of Coming Home"

PBS Frontline: "When They Come Home"

The Washington Post: "The Unemployment Rate for Recent Veterans"

Life is a Journey

Liberty Voice: "Life is a Journey; Enjoy the Ride"

Pensacola News Journal: "Life is a Journey, Not a Destination"

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