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Stuck in Neutral

The topics for this project include the following:

Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide
Cerebral Palsy
Teen Anger
Living with a Disability

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Web Links
Cerebral Palsy

Center for Disease Control: Cerebral Palsy

Centers for Disease Control: Cerebral Palsy: Links to other Websites

Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation: Mental Health and Cerebral Palsy

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
National Institutes of Health: End of Life Issues

Teen Anger
American Psychological Association: Controlling Anger Before It Controls You

National Association for School Psychologists: Anger Management for Teens

Nemours: TeensHealth: How Can I Deal With My Anger

Living with a  Disability
Girl's Disability

Palo Alto Medical Foundation: Living with Disabilities

United Cerebral Palsy: Disability Etiquette

Vimeo: I'm Just Like You Video Project