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MN Climate Project


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Websites--Minnesota View:
National Climate Assessment 

Union of Concerned Scientists: Minnesota

MN Department of Health: Climate and Health
MN Department of Natural Resources: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
National Resources Defense Council: Climate   Health Threats in Minnesota

Websites--National and International View:
Almanac of Policy Issues: Global Warming

The - Global Warming: Who Loses and Who Wins?

Carbon calculator

Chevron (oil company) Addressing Climate Change

EPA Climate Change

EPA Climate Change Basics

EPA Climate Impact on Agriculture and Food Supply

EPA Greenhouse Gas Info

EPA What can you do about climate change?
Exploratorium: Global Climate Change Research Explorer

National Geographic Global Warming Simulation

Farming Affected by Weather

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs

Greenhouse Gases


NASA Space View: Climate Time Machine

PBS Energy Effeciency Quiz

PBS Global Warming Timeline

Renewable Energy Resources

This American Life Broadcast: Hot in my Backyard, May 2013

UN article about Humans and Climate Change, Sept 2013

Video from Will Steger in the Arctic 2007

Weather or Climate?

What can I do?

World View of Global Warming: The Photographic Documentation of Climate Change

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Google Scholar
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iSEEK Education
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IPL2 (The Librarian's Internet)
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NSDL--National Science Digital Library
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