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King Arthur

King Arthur

 Databases from the Media Center Webpage:


Britannica Academic Online

This encyclopedia has information, images and perhaps some web links.


Gale Centage Learning -  Discovering Collection

This database includes information that comes from reference books.


          Ebsco Host

                    This is a mega database including reference quality resources.

Databases from the Duluth Public Library Webpage:


Gale Biography In Context

This Duluth Public Library database has great biographic articles that come from reference books.  You’ll find information about famous people of the 1920s, as well as magazine articles, pictures, and web sites about them.  Get the password from Mrs. Boehland.  Path to follow is: Denfeld Media Center > Research > Duluth Public Library > Electronic Resources > type in access code (that you got from Mrs. B.). Choose Biography In Context from the list.


Denfeld Media Center has several books about King Arthur on the regular shelves in both fiction and nonfiction.  Search our Library Catalog for a particular subject.

Web Sites:

          Arthurian Legend


Britannia: America’s Gateway to the British Isles

The Camelot Project: King Arthur’s Court

Classic Literature

How King Arthur Worked

King Arthur and Early British Kingdoms

          King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

          Timeless Myths: Arthurian Legends

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