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Drug Abuse Pamphlet

Drug Project Websites


Club Drugs 

          Research reports and information about club drugs


Heroin Abuse and Addiction

          Facts on heroin from the National Institute of Drug Abuse


Meth: Abuse and Addiction

          Information and links on meth


Meth, Not Even Once

          Real stories about meth use, statistics, information and links


National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

          Lots of information about alcohol; click on “Facts”


National Inhalant Prevention Coalition

          Basic information on inhalants


National Institute on Drug Abuse

Information on many drugs, trends and statistics, additional websites; click on “Students and Young Adults”


Prescription Drug Abuse


Prescription Drug Abuse from Kids’ Health


Science Behind Drug Abuse

          Facts on drugs, real stories


Steroid Abuse

          From the National Institute on Drug Abuse


Encyclopedia Britannica

          Search for your topic and then look for WEB LINKS in the left menu