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American Decades: 1920s

American Decades: The 1920s 

Databases from the Media Center Webpage:


Britannica Academic Online

This encyclopedia has information, images and perhaps some web links.


Gale Centage Learning -  Discovering Collection

This database includes information that comes from reference books.


Databases from the Duluth Public Library Webpage:


Gale Biography In Context

This Duluth Public Library database has great biographic articles that come from reference books.  You’ll find information about famous people of the 1920s, as well as magazine articles, pictures, and web sites about them.  Check with Mrs. Boehland for the password.  Path to follow is: Denfeld Media Center > Research > Duluth Public Library > Electronic Resources > type in access code (that you got from Mrs. B.). Choose Biography In Context from the list.


Denfeld Media Center has several books about events and people in the 1920s, both in Reference and on the regular shelves.  Search our Catalog for a particular subject.

Web Sites:


Alcohol, Temperance and Prohibition

            American Cultural History: The 20th Century

American Memory—Library of Congress—The Coolidge Era Prosperity and Thrift

Authentic History Center—Primary Sources from American Popular Culture

Best of History—the Roaring 20s

Hemingway Adventure

I Jazz

InfoPlease –1920-1929 World History

Ohio State University—Clash of Cultures

Ohio State University—Temperance and Prohibition

PBS—The Devil’s Music: 1920s Jazz


The People History—1920s

Pittsburg State University—Jazz Age Culture

Smithsonian Jazz

UMD—Jazz Culture, the 1920s


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