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Movie Maker: Book Trailer

    The key to using Moviemaker for this assignment is to follow the step by step instructions, keep it simple, and BE ORGANIZED!  

·        When you open up the “My Documents” folder on your desktop you see a “My Videos” folder.

·        Open this folder.  On top of the page you will see a “New folder” tab.  RENAME this folder with the name of your book.  You may abbreviate if you wish.  You will put ALL your files for your project in THIS FOLDER.  You are required to have pictures AND audio.  You will import these files into your project.  You will add text once you are in Moviemaker on the editing step.


·        Now that you have made this folder find your pictures first, start your Moviemaker, and complete importing and editing text. Do NOT open Moviemaker until you have your pictures.  When saving files to your project folder NAME each so that you can easily identify what the file is.  ONLY LOOK FOR MUSIC AFTER YOU HAVE YOUR PICTURES ALREADY IN YOUR MOVIEMAKER PROJECT ALONG WITH YOUR TEXT. 

Finding your pictures and audio:

·        At school Bing Images may work better than Google.  Google images are often blocked.  Try to find pictures that are oriented in the landscape format, not portrait.  Another way of saying this is horizontally not vertically. If you know of other sources of images, feel free to use them.

·        To save an image, right click, save picture as, select your project folder, and name the file.  Be careful, Windows will default to your “My Pictures” folder.  You want YOUR project folder in your “My Videos” folder.  This applies to music also.  Save to YOUR project folder, NOT your “My Music” folder.

Opening up Moviemaker:

·        Go to the “High Schools” folder on your desktop.  The files are arranged alphabetically.  Go to Windows Moviemaker 2.6 and open.

·        Note the THREE steps in the left-hand column:  1.) Capture Video, 2.) Edit Movie, and 3) Finish Movie.  You are in Step One.

Step One- Capturing Video

You will import pictures and audio to your project from your folder where you saved them.  Import your pictures first.  Drag and drop the pictures to the Storyboard below.  Once you have your pictures on the storyboard, move on to step two.

Step Two- Editing the Movie

When you click on the caret (the inverted V shaped thingy) the following choices appear:  View video effects, View video transitions, Make titles or credits.  You will use this to ADD TEXT to your moviemaker. 

Make Titles or Credits:    You have several options for WHERE you place your text. 

Everyone should have a title slide at the beginning of the movie with the project name.

·        Add title (text) AT THE BEGINNING of the movie.

·        Add title (text) BEFORE the selected clip on the storyboard.

·        Add title (text) ON the selected clip on the storyboard.

·        Add title (text) AFTER the selected Clip on the storyboard.

·        Add credits AT THE END of the movie. Follow these models:

“The Client Bookcover.” Illustration. Bing Images.

 “Grift, Kiss and Flee.” Audio.  freeplaymusic.

“John Grisham Talks About Writing.” Photograph. Bing Images.

Step Three- Adding video effects and transitions is done ONLY if time permits.  This step is a lot of fun so it can become VERY time-consuming, very easily.  Avoid spending too much time doing this.

Step Four- Add your music after you have your storyboard completed. 

·        For this project I would encourage you to use   (Please note it is .com- NOT .org). You can select the type of music and the instrument.  If you wish to use copyrighted music, you must follow the copyright laws.  You many use NO MORE than 30 seconds of a selection.  You cannot repeat these 30 seconds four times to make a 2 minute video.  Please adhere to this rule.  Breaking copyright is not a good thing.

·        You should save the music file to the same folder where your pictures are saved. Import the music file, drag and drop it to you timeline.  Make sure your music ends when your video is over.

Step Five- Finishing the Movie

This is the FINAL step you will do to change your Moviemaker from a works in progress   to a FINISHED project.  Please note that the icon changes when you have a “finished project.” The biggest thing to remember is to BROWSE to save to your desktop and then DRAG to your “My Videos” folder where your project folder is located.  You MUST drag your finished project off your desktop to your folder otherwise it will disappear when you log off. Ask for help when you do this process.  It can be confusing.