Welcome to the Denfeld Guidance Department

About Denfeld High School.....Denfeld High School is located in Duluth, Minnesota next to the shores of Lake Superior.  With a population of almost 85,000, the city of Duluth provides diversified business, professional and industrial services to northeastern Minnesota.  Denfeld High School serves approximately the western half of the city and has been in existence since 1905.


Denfeld has a long tradition of excellence and demonstrates these standards in its classrooms.  This is evident in that three quarters of our students go on to some form of further education or training.  Approximately 34% of graduating seniors go on to four year colleges or universities and 37% go on to two year schools.  The remaining students enter the military or the work force.

Denfeld Guidance and Counseling Mission Statement:

To ensure all students are able to reach their fullest potential and achieve success in the areas of academics, personal, social, and career interest areas.

Denfeld High School Counselors provide a comprehensive counseling model which serves to assist students in the following areas:

  • Educational Planning
  • Post High Planning
  • Career Development
  • Personal/social development
  • Communication with parents and staff per individual student academic needs
  • Transition Planning Needs
  • Referral to in-school and community resources
  • College and Career Center resources


Junior Surveys

Students from the

Class of 2017

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Seniors and Parents...

Fair Opportunity Project

Seniors and Parents...

The Fair Opportunity Project is a fantastic guide chock full of information to help you navigate through the college application process. Some of the topics include The College Application Process, Affording College, and Essays that Worked.  CHECK IT OUT!!

2017- 2018 ACT

National Test Dates

Test Date         Registration Date

09/09/17                 08/04/17

10/28/17                09/22/17

12/09/17                 11/03/17

02/10/18                 01/12/18

04/14/18                 03/09/18

06/09/18                 05/04/18

07/14/18                 06/15/18


To register for the ACT, click on, create an account, and follow the instructions. Fee Waivers are available for students who qualify.


2017 - 18 SAT

National Test Dates

 Test Date          Registration Date

10/07/17               09/19/17

11/04/17               10/05/17

12/02/17               11/02/17

03/10/18                02/09/18

05/05/18               04/06/18

06/02/18               05/03/18


To learn more, register and get free practice, click on  Fee waivers are available for students who qualify.