ISD #709 Activies FAQ’s:

Q - Does my tenth grade student need a new physical?

A – In most cases yes. If your child had a physical in 9th grade last spring, you’ll be okay for this year.

Q – My daughter has a GPA below 2.0 the last grade period of the previous school year – will she be eligible this fall?

A – Yes. She will start the school year on probation with a review of grades the fourth Thursday of the school year.

Q - Does my child have to attend captain's practice as part of the tryout process?
A - No. Captain's practices are not endorsed by the school or team. Captain's practices are organized by students.

Q – My 12th grade son is on track to graduate. Since he is ahead in credits, can he just take three classes and a study hall and remain eligible?

A – No. In order to be eligible, all students must be fully enrolled as defined by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). Minimum enrollment is four (4) classes and a study hall.

Q – My daughter is a freshman attending Edison – is she eligible to participate in sports/activities at Denfeld High School?

A – No. Only students enrolled in the Duluth Public Schools are eligible for participation at Denfeld. Exception: homeschooled students living in the Denfeld attendance area.

Q – My son’s GPA was below 2.0 for both the 3rd and 4th grade period(s) last school year – will he be eligible this fall?

A – Probably not. Students who have consecutive GPA’s below 2.0 are ineligible until the issuance of the next report card. Note: Taking a summer school course or courses could make a difference.

Q – When are participation fees due?

A – Participation fees are due prior to the first game/contest. No pay = No play in games. No refunds will be given after the first game/contest has been played.

Q – Our family qualified for free/reduced lunch last school year – do we automatically qualify for the upcoming school year?

A – No. Families must apply for free/reduced lunch each year.

Reduced lunch participation fee = $25.00

Free Lunch fee = $0

Q – Does the school district have a participation fee family cap/maximum?

A – Yes. The family maximum is $1,000 per school year.

Q – My daughter missed the last half of the day due to an illness; can she still play in tonight’s big game?

A – No, students must be in attendance at school for at a minimum of the last two hours of the day. A doctor’s appointment, funeral, or family emergency can also be allowed depending on the situation. Parents should contact the schools Activities Director in advance.  IF a student does participation in violation of this attendance rule, they can be suspended from future games.


Q – My son was injured and had to go the doctor, can he play in the next game?

A – All athletes must follow the return to play procedure outline in their team handbook or with the school athletic trainer. If a PLAYER gets injured and they go to the doctor or professional they must be cleared to play by filling out the "resume participation" form by their doctor. The district “return to play” form must be used. Coaches will not accept a hand written note, or a note from a family friend or parent that is a doctor. The note must come from their primary doctor or the doctor that oversaw the student athlete


Q – Can my daughter drive to the game tonight?

A – For games in Duluth, Superior, Hermantown, and Proctor, the answer is yes. For games outside of our immediate area, student athletes must travel on district provided transportation. Exception: if a student completes the district travel release 48 hours in advance they may drive with their parent or legal guardian. Student cannot drive themselves or others to games, must be with their parents.