Denfeld High School Clubs & Activities

Denfeld Trap Team

Advisor: Elon Sandy Verry (

The Denfeld Trap Team attracts student-athletes who have earned their firearm safety certification looking to participate in shooting sports while creating a “virtual” competition among high school teams.


Debate Team

Advisor: Jill Lofald (

Copied from Speech - Debate team is for drama stars, poets, politicians, history buffs, humorist performers and anyone who wants to be a part of a team that learns what it means to be a confident speaker. Speech is a MSHSL team that competes on Saturdays (starting in January). No try-outs or cuts. If you want to be on the team there is a spot for you.


Denfeld Drama Club (DD)

Advisor: Matt Pursi (

The DDC is involved with all aspects of the fall, winter (One-Act Play) and spring productions. The members participate in all aspects of play production, including acting, set-building, costuming and lighting.


Duluth Equestrian Club

Advisor: Michael Zeman (281-626-1744)

The Equestrian Club will give students the opportunity to participate in a sport they love in a high school environment. The club will help students build positive character, raise self-confidence and improve self-discipline while pursuing excellence in school and their riding facility. The club members will address the athletic skills needed in the areas of Western and English. The Equestrian Club is open to all East and Denfeld students who want to advance their connection between themselves and their horse.


Executive Board (Exec Board)

Advisor: Ethan Fisher (

Exec Board is a yearlong zero period class and is considered our school’s student government. Exec Board organizes assemblies, service projects, intramural events and spirit activities throughout the school year in an attempt to improve school spirit.


FFCCLA (Family, Career, Community Leaders of America)

Advisor: Shonda Peller (

Overview:  Family, Career and Community Leaders of a national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education, or related courses.



Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Advisor: Alison Wood (

GSA is a diverse and caring group of students who have the intelligence and self-esteem to be who they really are. Meetings are held weekly during WIN. The group provides every person who walks in the door with the chance to tell their story in a safe, quiet and caring environment. If you feel harassed, bullied, pushed physically on a daily basis, come to our group and find a safe space to relax, chat with friends and talk about real issues.


HOSA – Future Health Care Workers)

Advisor: Kim Olson (

HOSA is a 100% health care oriented organization that builds leadership and confidence to succeed in career goals. HOSA offers hands on application of professional and personal skills. Students compete in exciting heath care competitions of their career choice and attend seminars to enhance knowledge in health care fields. Competitions prepare students for the state and national leadership conference for lifelong learning. Visit for more information.


Key Club

Advisor: Geri Saari (

Key Club is a Kiwanis sponsored organization. Our parent clubs are Port of Duluth & Spirit Valley Kiwanis​. Our goal is to provide our members with opportunities to build character and develop leadership by creating a better community through the act of service. The club is open to all students! All members 

are required to participate in a minimum of 30 hours at Key Club sponsored events throughout the school-year. Key club is a great was to develop new relationships, have fun, while actively being of service to the school and community.


Knowledge Bowl

Advisor: Bob Fox (

An academic team that competes at three local competitions during the months of January and February. 


Link Crew

Advisor: Tom Tusken (

Open to juniors and seniors who want to mentor members of the 9th grade class. Leaders act as positive role models, motivators, student mentors and help guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition from middle school.


Math Team

Advisor: Tim White (

Math Team competes against other schools locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in solving challenging problems in mathematics. Math Team is an excellent opportunity to study mathematics topics that are not always encountered in the classroom and to build one’s skills in mathematics and problem solving in general. 


National Honor Society (NHS)

Advisor: Gina Hollinday ( 

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that provides service to the school and community. NHS members provide tutoring services to students who need extra help and do two community service projects a semester. To qualify for NHS you need to be a senior with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and be actively enrolled in five academic (credit seeking) classes per semester.


Robotics (Denfeld DNA)

Advisor: Andy Gunderson (DNA4009

DNA Robotics Team 4009 is part of the FIRST robotics program and the MSHSL.  It is the ultimate “Sport for the Mind”.    Students harness their creative energy and apply science, engineering, and math concepts as they produce a robot to tackle a new game each year.   Teams have 6 weeks to design, build, wire, program, and test their robots before moving on to competitions.  The team operates year-round as they hone their skills developing new ideas and strategies, forge partnerships with local businesses, present robotic demonstrations, and host seminars/camps to promote STEM fields and inspire young minds.


Rowing Club (Duluth Rowing Club)

Advisor: Bonnie Fuller-Kask (

Rowing is a great sport for building strength and conditioning. Join the Duluth Rowing Club on Park Point. Learn the basics, compete and have fun! Beginners and experts both welcome.


Speech Team

Advisor: Jill Lofald (

Speech team is for drama stars, poets, politicians, history buffs, humorist performers and anyone who wants to be a part of a team that learns what it means to be a confident speaker. Speech is a MSHSL team that competes on Saturdays (starting in January). No try-outs or cuts. If you want to be on the team there is a spot for you.


Yearbook – The Oracle

Advisor: Adair Ballavance (

The yearbook staff meets as a class every day. The staff is chosen each spring for the upcoming year. Students learn finance, layouts, marketing, photography and other skills while producing the yearbook for the student body.